About Me

I am a person who likes to program useful things

Little history

I decided to become a programmer in school. I wanted not just to play computer games but to create them. Computers, unlike some schoolteachers, have proved to be much more responsive and particular. If I was wrong, the computer told me right away about my mistakes. And often I realized that I am wrong and the computer is right. Sometimes of course the computer was "bugging". And then began an interesting quest to find a way around the computer bug to achieve the goal. Failures and problems only fueled my desire to solve the task. The cost of the miscalculation was so low that it was not terrible to make mistakes. And it encouraged creativity. A programmer is not like an electrician – there is no threat of fatal shock hazard 

I periodically visit the sites of sports programming to solve the next puzzle in sprint mode. Solving short tasks with extremely clear conditions for success inspires me to solve the real problems of my customers. And sometimes I wish that the real tasks of real clients were as clear as the tasks of sports programming.

In real life my factors of success are:

  • 1% of muse inspiration and 99% of hard work aspiration;
  • I know how to find out the customer's true needs;
  • I do not program without technical specification;
  • If there is no technical specification, I create it, and it is a separate work;
  • For professional clients I am ready to pass qualification tests;
  • I am ready to invest my time and energy without prepayment long-term and fruitful cooperation.

my story as a programmer began much later than the appearance of punch cards, but a beautiful girl with punch cards is also a history…

Freelance is a long - standing dream

And, having fallen in love with programming, I decided to become a freelancer. So and I imagined a house in an ecologically clean place with fields in the distance and rustling leaves nearby. And I'm such a free and brilliant artist programmer with a respectable wage. And no waste of time and nerves on the road and traffic jams.

The reality was a little different. When I was a student, I freelanced for several clients in my specialty. And their tasks were not always solved remotely. And when I got my degree and looked at the market, I was immediately offered twice as much from one employer as I was collecting, spinning like a top in the stone jungle of Moscow freelancing. And a month after I started working, this employer increased my salary by another 60% for successfully solving a critical task. Well, somehow it just happened that I became an employee, not a freelancer.

But the dream is not forgotten. It glimmers in the attic among other ideas that have nowhere to apply, but it's a pity to throw away.

History teaches us that a profitable business is not called freelancing. After all, one of the emperors of the first version of the EU (Holy Roman Empire) Maximilian I spoke of the landsknechts: "Their life is short and joyless, and colorful clothing is one of their few pleasures."

In General, for the first, second, and third views, it is impossible to earn something decent on freelancing. And everyone knows about it. But, as Albert Einstein said: "Everyone knows that this is impossible. But here comes an ignoramus who does not know this - it is he who makes a discovery.". Well, I'll see, "...how many wonderful discoveries..." will bring this site.

Being a freelancer is hard, but fun

My Skills

Extensive experience (significantly more than 15 years) mainly in the field of accounting of financial assets (oh, what's there to hide, and liabilities, too), pulls a long trail of programming languages and frameworks (.NET, C#, Visual Basic, VBA, MS Access, VBScript, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, ASP Classic, ASP.NET+ MVC, MS SQL, Java, Visual C++, Python) and visualization and planning tools (MS Excel, BusinessObjects, Cognos Analyst, Pentaho, QlikView, MS Visio, Microsoft Project). My experience is more tied with Microsoft technologies. And C# I like more than Java, though I like Java too. And the most of code has been written in VB/VBA/VBScript languages. It has been depended on customer needs.

I am a full stack developer, and not only a developer, I like to communicate with users and find out what they need, fix agreements in the relevant project documents.

I'm a programmer, not a designer. Not that I don't have a sense of beauty. But a beautiful picture is easier for me to evaluate than to create.

For web technologies, I prefer to use: HTML5+JavaScript on the frontend, Microsoft .Net on the backend, MS SQL as a database. For the fast development of medium-scale office applications and databases - MS Office+VBA is quite suitable. For report visualization and data analysis – Excel, QlikView. Also, I liked BusinessObjects.

If you don't care which tool to use for automation, what to use to automate business processes and reporting, then just contact me with your task, I will select the necessary tools myself.

Business analysis and identification of customer needs 90%
ASP.Net (C#) 85%
85% Complete (success)
ASP Classic (VBScript) 85%
JavaScript / jQuery 80%
Java, Visual C++, 70%
Microsoft Office + VBA 90%
Python 60%
MS SQL & Transact SQL 83%
Business objects & QlikView 88%
Project management 92%


Services at all stages of development and support of the software product

Identifying user needs

Describing "As is" and "To Be" to clarify sense of work.


Develop the Solution Architecture + Integration + Functional Specifications + Work Plan.

Development and testing

Here I inspire life into the software. And it inspires me.

Deploy and support

Training, receiving commendations and suggestions.


Programming experience of more than 15 years allows me to boast of best practices in many industries and areas. I did something with the customer's idea, and took something like a bunch of undocumented code, like a relay baton. Sometimes I did some things myself only from start to finish, and sometimes I participated in the team creation of a program. I directed and worked under management. Not all developments are currently available, not all have survived to the present time. But, something is still alive today.