I can help you develop, debug or redesign your Excel with or without VBA automation. I have worked on various MS Office based projects across the entire stack from database design and mathematics (MS Access, MS SQL) to user interface. I can provide automation from entering data to receiving reports, and provide data quality control, including automatic way. My experience with MS products has given me the ability to solve wide variety of tasks and problems.

I can integrate MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel. And then you will get synergistic benefits for the success of your business.

I’m VBA developer with over 10 years of experience working as a business analyst and developer mainly in the field of investment banking automation. I’m available to work on small / big projects across any industry for all Microsoft Office products: Access, Excel, Word, Project, Visio, Outlook.

I can design advanced applications from scratch or expand your existing application. I can help via Skype, Anydesk or other remote desktop protocol.

I can integrate Office applications with each other or with any applications or services with a documented API, including web services.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding what I can do for you.